WHATSSSS up adventure spearfishing people!!!


Welcome to the Adventure Spearfishing Video Series EP.3 featuring and Brodie Moss.

On the third day in our Adventures around Bali we decided to go Spearfishing in our favorite east Bali spot.

We choose the right tide and weather for this day, a lot of documenting during the way.

I tried it out to make it as nice and cinematic as possible.

Our goal for the day was to catch a feed, have fun and enjoy our time as friends in the water. 

After a long day, Peter managed to land a nice Spanish Mackerel spearfishing, we worked as team to get it up into the boat and afterwards to cut it up and Sashimi and Grill it up!

The feed was amazing, it was just smooth. The fish was very fresh, Sashimi was cut very thin and we had Soy sauce and Wasabi.

It was just perfect. We had ice to cool the fish down in a bag, and washed it in Salt water.

In addition to the Sashimi we decided to get local vegetables, rice, bintangs (indonesian beer) and Coconuts to enjoy the feed with everyone around us.

Packed up the rest of the spanish mackerele and had it as soup the next day as well.

The best part about fishing in Indonesia is that nothing really gets wasted our boatman took the head and insides and makes soup out of it.

After the whole experience everyone was pretty tired and we were ready to head home to relax, as well as clean up the equipment.

We finished the evening in La – Brisa, a very nice beach club/bar in Canggu to enjoy the sunset in Bali. We can only highly recommend that place, the food is fingerfood style and drinks are ok as well. It is pricy but that’s the price we have to pay here in Bali for a location like this.

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Post by Hubert Haciski

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