Effort made me who I am today

If you ever wondered who is “Hubert Haciski” and why is he starting to blog so much.

Here is the answer:

Born in Montreal, Canada. Raised in Poland until the age of 6, parents divorced and my mother moved with me to Germany to start a new life.

With 21 I began to travel, but there is much more.

1991 Montreal :

My parents left Montreal when I was a little baby

Just after 25 years, I have visited Montreal and recreated this picture.

Recreating a picture of my mom.

Poland, Koszalin 1997.

My mom took me out of the house one night and left my dad alone. (Obviously, there is more reason which I don’t want to talk about)

We ran off to Hamburg where my mother met another man that treated her better. And she saw a nice future with him, and safer place for me.


It was a thought time for a single mother to startup a new life in another country with just personal financial backup.

Luckily she is a woman with the will of a fighter, the strongest motivation, the things she lived through before I was born were insane… where most people would have already given up she kept on fighting – Stolen Passport in Norway, Trapped in Belgium… importing and exporting cars From Russia to Germany in winter… terrifying situations. (I keep telling her to write her own book because it’s fascinating.)

(I keep telling her to write her own book because it’s fascinating.)

Hamburg, Germany 1998

I started visiting the Kindergarten in Germany

Where there was only one other Polish kid, my friend Angelo, we grew up together until our lives took the roads of working and supplying for ourselves, our friendship split ways. (In 2007)


So far so good, everything is cool, I’m growing up going to German school living a good life, mothers company is running well (She is owning a car business right in St.Pauli on the Reeperbahn, next to Gruenspan)

2005 –

We moved from there to Barsbüttel where I went to mid-school, bike rides every day, growing up in an Industrial area due to the car business was fun, we had a house, a dog, over 100 + cars. Everything was amazing. Until my mother’s husband disappeared on the day.

Everything was amazing. Until my mother’s husband disappeared on the day.

He was involved in illegal activities. Which took a toll on my mother as well. (Without even being involved)

She lost everything.

2006 – Working as a kid in Germany.

It didn’t help being addicted to computer games.

I started working in a Resturant during summers because the school system in Germany sucks. And wanted to kick me out, and they did, I almost didn’t manage to get a proper education because school systems are boring to death.

And kicked me out, I almost didn’t manage to get any education due to such a bad system.. it bored me to death in class.

While working in a cafe down the big town park “Cafe – Sommerterrassen” for a polish owner I was being a dishwasher, food runner and glass/plate pickup boy.My frustrated mom who went bankrupt with the car trading business, which was not her fault that put us in a tight position, yet that woman still managed to keep us alive, she took a job in the company “CMA-CGM”. and put food on the table. Despite the German, drunken, ugly co-workers mobbing her. (O thanks for that, this helped her win the lawsuit.)

My frustrated mom who went bankrupt with the car trading business, which was not her fault that put us in a tight position, yet that woman still managed to keep us alive, she took a job in the company “CMA-CGM”. and put food on the table. Despite the German, drunken, ugly co-workers mobbing her. (O thanks for that, this helped her win the lawsuit.)


2008 – Hospitality School.

I attended a school where I could get my “normal society education” with a direction in Hospitality and gain some piece of paper that said i finished school…. (I don’t even know where that crap is, to be honest)

2009 – First JOB as an apprentice at Karlheinz Hauser Süllberg.

The ROAD towards being a chef… these days are seen as modern slavery.

This place was insane.

Until I had my car I would take the train from home to work which took 55 Minutes in the morning and the return would be 1h 30minutes.

I have been losing 2:25h per day on sitting on a train. For 1 1/2 years, we had no time to party, go out or any type of social activity. Riding the train, and working was my life.

The first half year I spent doing desserts, and I hated it, we did functions from 2 people to huge bistro service, caterings for AUDI, Fielman ETC… EVERYTHING in top end hospitality!!!!

After that I have been more involved in functions, cutting up fish, meat, create sauces and helping the Chef de parties.

At some stage I got the chance to spend 7 months in the Michelin Restaurant “Seven Seas *” then I finished my whole apprentice ship.

2012 – Working as Chef.

I got a job in the restaurant called River Grill. The people working there we the best on earth, everyone was a special personality making the days worth going to work, but somehow yet I still felt empty and the future was not in sight, what do I want to do or where do I want to be in life… I did not find the answer. Until one day:

Until the day that an Australian chef said:

You guys are stupid, you could make much more money than that for working less, and be on a higher position.

My friend(Marcel Wiemer) and I looked at each other and decide that we will buy one-way tickets to Melbourne, Australia. We quit our jobs and we put some savings on the side to go. (LOL IT WAS 500 DOLLARS)

February 12, 2013 –

Leaving my mother in Germany, alone…… (I’m sorry mom)

That was a decision, that was very hard, but I knew that my life would not become anything in Germany and be doing the same day to day stuff I used to which was being a modern slave.

We left to Melbourne, booked no hostel any f**king clue where to go, jumped on a bus and ta aad AAAA – Flinders Station hostel boom, 225$ a week.

I only had 500 dollars with me, the jaw dropped. Off to look for a job, which luckily took only 2 days.

Working in a small coffee shop called “Postal Hall” I managed to save some, go to the gym and pay off my car that I still had in Germany. Oh, I forgot to mention that I got a car on credit while working in Germany because this is what big city robots do right?

Working as Chef was fun in Australia, getting paid per hour was cool.

March 12 Melbourne – Grand Prix, Chef for the V I P  Quantas Lounge.

Grand Prix

That was a fun job.

Moving forward to Sydney was another play.

We took a train for 200bucks to Sydney and stayed in some weird hostel next to the central railroad station.

It was more expensive but ended up being more crap than the cheap hostels, so weird.

So the goal was to find a job in Sydney and stay maybe for a bit, but that did not really work out, after looking for jobs for around two weeks we got them.

At the Quay, River, and something, I don’t want to remember because that was the worst week of my life. I bought a bicycle to get from the hostel that I lived to work which took 30minutes, Work started at 6 am and finished at 1 am.

Yes, 5 hours of sleep, too much work and not enough pay.

I quit after a week, and left to Perth after 3 weeks in Sydney… that place sucks.

Perth –

Perth was cool, but I ran out of money and I did not fancy any jobs there or locations. I was too shy to call my mother to ask for help, so I borrowed cash from Marcel to survive. I found a website called www.mlkarecuritment.co.au that hires professional staff for remote jobs and applied. Lucky me the recruiter called me quickly and offered me 4 remote jobs, I choose eco beach resort and got hired.

A week later I ended up in Broome, Western Australia.

No money, no cash to pay the hostel, no money for food, but a job in my pocket!!!

Broome Western Australia

No money, still funny!!

The first day in Broome was a blast, I met a guy in the hostel that had a huge 4×4 truck, he asked me if I wanna join for a trip to cable beach, I did not hesitate – boom I saw my first Dolphins ever.

Later that day I had a private plane ride to the resort… I thought that is my best day ever!!!

Plane flight into Eco Beach Resort


2014 – Eco Beach Resort

This is where my passion for freediving and spearfishing began.

First day of “Hunting fish”

I did not know what I was doing, being a chef during the daytime.

In the mornings, i was taking out Kayas and trying to Spearfish, spending time in the ocean was crucial.

The Chef side to eco beach:


The Adventure side to Eco beach


2014 – After Eco beach.

I went to Indonesia and ran out of money in search of the big fish.

One of my good friends from Germany showed up in Darwin, so I went there to visit him. We applied for a job at Paspaley Pearls to acquire the 2nd year visa and save up some cash for future travels. That was hard work but fun as well.

Working at Paspaley Pears, famous fishing break!

After that, I wanted to become a pro spearfisherman. And made everything happen to do so.

2015 – Indonesia

Geared up !!

This is also where I have started to study how to be a Freediving Instructor at Apnea Bali, I lived in Amed for almost a year. I finished the education and the wind picked me up to head to NEW ZEALAND & CHATHAM ISLANDS


I got to New Zealand and had a job already lining up, Crayfisherman(also known as Red Rock lobster) On the Chatham Islands.

I spent some time in Auckland, working as a gardener. After that, I left for the Chatham Island which is located 800 km South East of Auckland into the Pacific ocean. 300 People population and nobody there, just sheep.

I spent around 3 months there, Diving, Fishing, Filleting Fish, Fixing crayfish pots and just manual labor.  Hard work, as a fisherman. But worth the experience.

Making it back to Auckland I decided to fly down to Queenstown and find a job there in the Mountains, I ended up back in the kitchen in a small shop called Rehab, I worked there for like five months because I got bored.

Back to Indonesia for a holiday to the Gili islands and working as a freedive instructor on Gili Air for 1 month.

The holiday was over and -> back to New Zealand.

I went thereafter new years, I spent few months in Auckland till mid-January, back to the Chathams to work again on the Lobster Season which lasts only 2 weeks.

Once I finished that, I’ve left to Indonesia again to work on the company “Indonesia Spearfishing Charter”

2016 – Indospearfishing

We started setting up a business to take people out on charters in Bali, with success.

Operating over a year in Bali and seeing the importance of social media these days made me to this blog.

2017 – Caribbean work as a chef.

In Bali, I have met Anastasia, which you see featured on my Instagram account often. We decided to take on the relationship and make it happen, the only way to do so was to move to another country where we both would have had to do go through the same visa process.

Here we are on a 58ft Catamaran back in the kitchen cooking food.

I know that life will bring me new adventures in a blink of an eye.


This all worked only with Effort into life, never let yourself down and try to go for the big goals!

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