Back into Bali adventures!!!

Yessssss!!! Back into the Bali Adventure

Bali Adventure

After Irma, I had to leave the US and get back home to visit my mother and sit a bit around in Germany, but i got bored pretty quickly so I decided to book my Bali Adventure after spending two weeks in Germany.

Bali Adventure


Not that I don’t like germany, I just don’t like the weather and some people as well. (They are rude….)

The decision was done in around 25minutes, I booked my tickets to Denpasar and headed off into the Bali Adventure

Picked up by peter, who is my business partner at Indospearfishing charter.

I stay at the family house, which is a amazing experience.

Love living in the local areas. It gives you a different feel in Indonesia. I don’t see many tourists during daytime. But I can choose If i want to visit a touristy area.

After arriving in Bali, I managed to pickup my Effort Project , which now I can finally start fully working on and advertise it.

Effort Shirts



Now also my new wellness body training series begins were I want to get back into a better shape after not working out for a whole year.  Fit2fat2Fit type of  mission. I will do a post about this in my Wellness blog soon.Gym Journey

I talk about how I feel during my gym journey and how I feel during all these exercise programs while in the Bali Adventure.


Here is the Video to the last few days!!

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Hubert Haciski.

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