The British Virgin Island cinematic drone video

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The British Virgin Island cinematic drone video

Hello everyone !!! I want to present you the British Virgin Islands Cinematic drone video.

Since I bought my DJI Mavic Pro in July I have been flying it around the BVI almost every day, practicing my drone flying skills and being able to do good composition and capture nice images as well.

I thought it will be easier but it was quite challenging to re-create certain “cinematic shots” there was a lot to learn. So I spend most time on Youtube and trying to figure out the best settings first, as well which accessories I would need.

Anyway after flying it for around 3 months I managed to get some good shots, that are worth using in a video.  What does count as a good shot to me :

  • No shaky footage
  • Slow moving drone
  • Nice view / revealing shot
  • Good quality

So here is the end result of the product I’ve made it is in 4k resolution for the best details.

While researching the best options and settings i stumbled across few good channels that give great advice :

 TTT :

Peter MCkinnon (check out his full channel) :


I’m working on another version soon that will be a little longer of beautiful locations to have a video playing in the background of certain rooms with Ambient music.

The next goal is to perfection the drone flying and get as much amazing video footage as possible.

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And take care!!!