Best way to get good at cooking as a poor backpacker.

Best way to get good at cooking as a poor backpacker.

Before you read this:

This is not a recipe sharing blog/cooking idea post, this is a simple “get you going” post on where to start researching and how to find ideas.

Introduction :


You are young, just finished school and you are looking forward going backpacking – alone, out in the world and ready to meet new people. The only thing you forgot, is that you don’t know how to cook.

Unless you are a cook/chef, took cooking classes or your parents taught you how to cook.

Are you sick of 2 minute noodles ?

learn to cook

Not feeling the everyday Bolognese? 

learn to cook

and the other problem is you don’t have enough money.

But don’t you worry :

Here I will give you tips and tricks as a professional chef and poor backpacker to cook amazing meals, on a budget and enjoy food again. Without having to learn mad chopping skills.

Asian Beef Salad with Coconut Lime Jasmin Rice

Let’s do this.

  1. Make sure you buy products that are on sale.
  2. Buy cheap vegetables (Carrots, Onions, Pumpkin, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Cabbage)
  3. Canned Foods are not bad, example: corn, red beans, chick peas, pink beans, kidney beans are all good for mixing in and giving your food cheap volume.
  4. Rice, Pasta and all the other grains if you can afford it.
  5. Have Oil, Salt, Pepper (Usually hostels have those around, don’t need to buy them unless you are staying longer than 2 weeks)
  6. Don’t cook with olive oil, it burns at a low temperature and will make your food taste bitter.
  7. Pinterest. That’s all you need now.   –          this is one of the best sites for idea’s, with a lot of recipes.
  8. Meat’s/Chicken/Fish are very expensive, only if you can afford them then go for it.

I saved  a lot of boards on my Pinterest ideas which are super easy!! Have a look  here :

Click on the picture for the link to my boards :

It is really easy to create good food, with knowing some basic’s, you will need to research that. As well as having a good knife or the right knife to use.

Don’t forget that you have youtube. To Learn about cooking and special recipes. Start off easy with few sandwiches, wraps and cool salads.

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